Testing Revolution Pro Makeup at Ulta

I first saw Revolution Pro products on Ulta’s website during their Jumbo Hair event. The very first thing I noticed was the holy copying high-end brands, Batman vibe about their shadows and face products. For example, Revolution Pro has an eye shadow palette called the “New Neutral” palette ($20 at Ulta), and Huda Beauty has the “New Nudes” palette ($65 at Sephora). All things considered, the two palettes share quite a few similarities as far as shade selection, layout, and interesting textures.

The packaging of this palette is a nice, sturdy cardboard with a big mirror, similar to higher end products. I don’t have the Huda palette, but I’ve been heavily tempted to purchase it several times. I may need it in my collection after trying the Revolution Pro palette. They’re not quite the same, but they share certain similarities that make them both stand out. The Revolution Pro palette has more earthy tones, while the Huda palette runs quite a bit more mauvey. However, Revolution Pro mimics the relative shade families, layout, and textures of Huda. It even includes the worthless cream “base” shade in the bottom left corner. Who even wants that?

I tried this palette and another palette I’m going to talk about next over a couple of days. The pigment was surprisingly good for the shades I used. The shimmers, I found, applied best with a finger. I used “Glitzed” in the center of my eyelid, and it appeared very metallic and shiny. I did end up with glitter all over my face though, so if that bothers you, beware. I’m not the type of girl who does her eye makeup before her face makeup. It’s just not going to happen, but a little extra shimmer on my face isn’t the end of the world.

The shades “Neutral” and “Delight” were really nice transition shades, and actually go really well with the other shades in the palette. The mattes do seam a bit dusty, but that’s nothing a little tapping off the excess won’t fix.

The next shadow palette I tried was the awe-inspiring Regeneration palette in Astrological, $15 at Ulta.

Revolution Pro Regeneration Palette Astrological

I mean…

Those marbled shades at least look amazing, right? There are several palettes in the Regeneration range, but this one caught my eye the most because of the marbles and the fact that it’s pretty much all neutral (my true love). The packaging of this palette was several levels below the New Neutral Palette. It was all plastic with a very flimsy clear plastic lid, and it didn’t come in it’s own sleeve like New Neutral did. Mine showed up scratched up and almost dirty looking. What’s up with that, Ulta?


I tried several shades in this palette as well, and I have to say, the pigment isn’t bad in this palette either. I did notice the shade “Dark Matter” was a little patchy, but I’m willing to forgive it since it is that deep, dark, matte plumy brown that can be so hard to perfect. The shimmers are definitely shimmery and apply best with your finger. Fallout is a thing with these too, so watch out for that.

I love that this palette has all the beautiful, fun shimmers, but includes your basic necessary mattes at the bottom. Nice design, RP.

Next, I tried the $15 Hydra Matte Primer.

Revolution Pro Hydra Matte Primer

I still don’t know how I feel about this primer. I get strong Hourglass Veil Mineral primer vibes from this ($54 at Sephora). It comes in a nice glass bottle with a gold cap and a pump. It has this white, almost powdery-liquid consistency that smells entirely too much like sunscreen, even though it has no claims of SPF. I do feel like maybe it makes my makeup go on smoother, but I don’t notice much of a longevity factor. I don’t get more oily, but not any less, either. It does feel nice on the skin, but for $15 I think I’ll stick to something else.

Revolution Pro New Neutrals Satin Matte Lipstick Stripped

I also purchased a New Neutrals Satin Matte Lipstick in the shade “Stripped”, $9 at Ulta. When I got it, I opened it and the tip was crushed. It also tried to completely fall out when I twisted it up. Boo!

Revolution Pro New Neutrals Satin Matte Lipstick Stripped

Fragility aside, the formula was pretty nice. It glided on smoothly and was a very lightweight, comfortable matte. I did notice that it reeked of cheap makeup smell. You know those makeup kits your mom would get you in middle school or high school that you thought were so great and came with like 1,000 shadows and 60 lipsticks? It’s that smell. Very factory and VERY cheap. Unfortunately, I also couldn’t get past how horrible the shade was on me. I am pale AF, and such a light nudie-pink shade does not suit me (it’s much lighter in person). I’m sure a darker shade would have been much better for me.

Revolution Pro Sculpt and Glow Contour and Highlight Palette Desert Sky

The last thing I purchased was the Sculpt & Glow Contour and Highlight Palette, $12 at Ulta. I was pleasantly surprised at how nice the contour shade looked. I got mine in the lightest shade, “Desert Sky”, and I was worried the contour may be too warm. It turned out to be an excellent shade for my fair skin, and it wasn’t so pigmented that it looked like dirt on my face, which happens to me more than I’d like. The highlight shade was not too shimmery, perfect for someone who prefers a softer look. It’s subtle, but also there. Plus, the peachy-ivory tone is very flattering.

My overall take on Revolution Pro is mixed. I wasn’t a huge fan of the primer or lipstick. My view of the lipstick could have been skewed by my poor shade choice, though… It really was awful. The primer was okay, but not something I would want to repurchase. The powder products, however, were an overall win! The shadow palettes were a bit high in price, but they were pigmented and smooth, though I did have some trouble with darker shades, and the textures were beautiful and unique. I haven’t had a chance to try them all, but I liked what I tried. I also really enjoyed the contour and highlight palette. It was very flattering on my fair skin, and very easy to work with. As far as utility, I think this product is my favorite. It will definitely be something in my regular rotation.

So, tread lightly. It seems powder products are a safe bet from Revolution Pro. Be wary of the lipstick shades when ordering online, and try the primer out if you think it’s something that might suit your tastes. It may be the perfect formula for someone’s skin. I’m excited to try more new products out, so stay tuned for future posts! Thanks for stopping by!