My Three Favorite Podcasts Right This Very Second

Since I have a twenty-five minute commute each morning, I have learned to love podcasts (and the occasional e-book, such as America’s First Daughter (affiliate link, FYI!), which made me become temporarily obsessed with Thomas Jefferson’s family and personal life). Podcasts are excellent ways to spend otherwise useless stretches of time, such as the time spent while driving to your daily drudgery.

While I dabble in various podcast categories, my favorite category is typically the lifestyle category. Lifestyle channels allow me to absorb helpful, interesting, inspiring information before I go into my soul-sucking (okay not really) job. These types of podcast channels are usually upbeat, motivating, and can really put you in a can-do mood, even if you actually feel like you can’t-do that day.

Here are my top three favorite podcast channels as of late:

  1. Overheard at National Geographic by National Geographic

Okay, this one doesn’t quite fit the “lifestyle” category I described above. However, even though Nat Geo is known for its pretty staunchly secular views, I just can’t help but eat up any information about our God’s big, beautiful, sometimes weird world. I have learned about so many interesting things, such as crazy historical stories, animals and their interesting habits, and discoveries of ancient cultural sites.

One particularly interesting episode in Season 3 tells the tale of a legal battle over an illegally-acquired Mongolian dinosaur skeleton. I mean if that doesn’t grip you, what will?

2. The Purpose Show by Allie Casazza

I’ve been listening to the Purpose Show for a while now. If you don’t know her, Allie Casazza is the queen of decluttering. Her website is based on helping people overcome the overwhelm and take back their lives and their spaces. Her podcast touches on decluttering and home organization, but I mainly listen to her for her incredibly inspiring business and life story and generally helpful life tips. Allie and her husband started out absolutely broke, and through her persistence and talent, a single blog post Allie wrote just exploded and rocketed her and her family into a life most people only dream of. Her success is astoundingly inspiring, but the best part is her devotion to Christ and spreading His message. Her podcasts center around helping women find peace and abundance in lives, and she always finds a way to bring the Word into everything she preaches.

I wish Allie was my best friend, but hey I’ll settle for her spirit-feeding podcasts for now.

3. The Proverbs 31 Ministries Podcast by Proverbs 31 Ministries

Proverbs 31 is about the woman we should all strive to be (but shouldn’t beat ourselves up over). Proverbs 31 is also the title of a women’s ministry based out of North Carolina. This ministry is overwhelmingly devoted to their mission of helping women form a personal relationship with Christ, and it is downright beautiful. Their podcast features two main hostesses, Meredith and Kaley, and a guest speaker or two per episode. There hasn’t been a single episode where I haven’t gotten blessed by the message and words shared by these beautiful humans. Not only are the episodes inspiring, they’re also purposefully practical and applicable to daily life. The content creators of these episodes so obviously put tons of time and study into their messages, and I, for one, and so grateful to have something so application-centered to regularly listen to.

Proverbs 31 Ministries also has tons of resources available on their website that I HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend checking out.

I would be thrilled to know what your favorite podcasts are at the moment! With #quarantine2020 underway, do you find you have more or less time to listen to fulfilling content? Comment below and share your thoughts, and as always, thanks for reading!