I Tried the MiroPure Hair Straightener Brush and I’m Never Looking Back

One could say I’m shook.

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I had been dissatisfied with my thick, coarse, wavy, awkward hair for a while. After chopping it off three months postpartum, it was finally growing out again, but it wasn’t looking good. My texture makes it overly full and difficult to wear down without it getting in my face, but bumpy and blah when worn up. I have used the Revlon One-Step dryer/brush in the past, with great success for what it is, but my hair takes excessively long to blow dry and this particular dryer is just so… loud. Since I shower at night and my son is already asleep, the noise was just too loud for me to want to risk waking him up. That, and I just really don’t like such a loud sound with the high-pitched frequency of a hair dryer in my ear for that long.

So, without a blow dryer routine, I’m left with air drying. Yes, I know going to sleep with wet hair isn’t ideal, but it works for me and my schedule. When I wake up, my hair generally looks like this:

As you can see, it’s more wavy than curly, with a lot of puffy volume that tends to get worse as the day goes on. It also doesn’t have a uniform wave pattern, so it just kind of does what it wants to do with no regard for looking mostly decent.

I discovered the existence of straightening heated hair brushes while searching for a relatively quick, quiet, and effective method at smoothing and straightening my hair so I’m not stuck with bedhead all the time. There are many brands of straightening brushes available on the market today, but they vary by price significantly. Drybar has one, but it’s currently a whopping $145, and GHD‘s is $169. Behold the humble MiroPure Enhanced Hair Straightener Heat Brush. At a current price of $36.99, over 3,000 reviews, and an average rating of 4.5 stars on Amazon, this was the one I wanted to try. I mostly chose this one because of the great reviews and great price. I’ve never heard of MiroPure, and I’ve never used a straightening brush, so I relied heavily on reviews during my research to see which brush would be best for me. Here is what I received:

So this brush comes with a carrying case, instruction cards, and a heat protective glove. In my experience, the glove is just not necessary, but it’s nice that it’s included and you could easily use it for something else. The MiroPure brush’s temperature ranges from 300 degrees to 450 degrees, and has an auto-off setting. The design is surprisingly sleek and lightweight, but I will note that the location of the buttons makes it fairly easy to accidentally push while using.

I tried this brush on two different days. On the first day, I used the default 350 degree heat setting, did not separate my hair into sections, and did not use any product before use. This would be the way I would prefer to do my hair if I was in a rush. Here’s how that went:

I split my hair down the middle and began brushing through one side. The last photo shows the difference between the straightened left side and natural right side. I had to go over the left side many times to achieve a straight finish.

I then finished the other half, but in the fourth picture you can see the back of my hair still appears rather unevenly straight/wavy. The last picture shows my best attempt at finishing it off with more brush strokes. In the end, I used some Bedhead After Party (an oldie but a goodie) to smooth everything out. This is the final product for day one, which took a total of thirteen minutes:

So it’s much better (and faster than a flat iron), but not perfect. There are several places with some kinks showing through, and the back doesn’t look particularly great. However, all I did here was pretty much just brush my hair, no technique or skill required, and minimum heat used.

But, here’s what I did on day two: I raised the temperature to 450 degrees, sectioned my hair into two sections, and used TRESemme’s Heat Tamer Spray (also an oldie but a goodie). Here’s how that went, this time with a buddy:

Don’t mind his poor little face scrape. He had some fun playing with some friends yesterday.

I sectioned my hair and began brushing:

I could immediately tell a difference in the way my hair straightened due to the increase in temperature. This bottom layer only took a few minutes. Next, I took the top layer down and brushed that out.

I took a bit more time for the top layer since that’s the one that shows the most, but it was still way faster than before. This method took a total of eight minutes – that’s five minutes faster than day one, and silly me, I was trying to save time on that day. And look how much straighter and smoother it looks!

This brush blew me away. Sectioning and higher heat gave me the straight look of a flat iron, but without the… flatness. I usually hate the way my hair looks immediately after using a flat iron because it just steals the volume that I need on the top of my head. With this brush, it almost looks like I just got a really good blowout. I’m also absolutely thrilled with how little time this took. Time is such a precious resource to me, and part of what I do on the Sweet Life Scientist is look for ways for women to save time, and this fits the bill! If you’re someone who is looking for a fast, easy to use way to get straighter, smoother hair, look no more. This will not get you a super sleek, pin-straight look, but that’s not my vibe and maybe it’s not yours either. If not, try this brush! And if you do, please let me know how you feel about it! Don’t hide your hair hacks under a bushel, because they very well could save someone some significant hassle and time. Comment below if you’re interested in trying this, or if you have any hair advice to share, and as always, thanks for reading!