Tati Beauty Textured Neutrals Vol 1 Palette – Review and Swatches

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It’s here, it’s here, IT’S HERE! Finally after waiting for what felt like FOREVER, my Textured Neutrals Vol 1 palette arrived. I was so excited when I initially saw that Tati Westbrook, AKA GlamLifeGuru on YouTube, was launching a cosmetic brand. Not just a collab, a brand. Tati is known for her honest, thorough makeup reviews, and for her excellent taste in all things beauty. I knew without a shadow of a doubt (Ha! Get it? I’ll see myself out…) that I would be supporting her by purchasing her products and following along with the rest of her brand’s story.

This palette was created to serve literally everyone. It’s unique layout features six tones in four finishes, arranged in columns of beautiful, versatile color. Bottom to top, the finishes range from smooth, highly blendable mattes, to bold, impossibly beautiful glitters. Since the palette will really speak for itself, let’s get into it!

First, let’s start with the finishes themselves.


The mattes in this palette are buttery, blendable, and richly pigmented. You can’t ask for better staple matte shades than these!


This finish is really cool. It’s basically a matte finish with tiny sparkle blended throughout, sometimes with a little duo chrome. Sequin Memory is particularly stunning!


The Metallics are between the Sequins and Glitters, as far as finish. They are so smooth and pack a huge punch!


These Glitters yall… I still can’t get over them. They are chunky, opaque, dynamic, and just simply defy everything you thought you knew about glitter shadows.

Now let’s move on to the actual tones.


Memory is the black, smoky tone of the palette. Matte Memory is a rarity in the shadow world- it’s actually good. The color is pitch black and the pigment is rich, blendable, and very matte.


Ritual is going to be your necessary, versatile warm brown. I love Matte Ritual for deepening the outer corner.


Story is a fun, bright orange. Metallic Story comes off as a vibrant copper, and Glitter Story is actually the ideal rose gold shade!


Soothe is the perfect name for this color section. The Soothe shades are the everyday neutrals that everyone needs in their lives. Matte Soothe is the perfect transition shade for a lot of skintones, though it is just a touch dark for my preferences. Sequin Soothe is so intensely beautiful.


The Aura shades are definitely my speed. They’re light, brightening, and great for fairer skin tones. I find that Metallic Soothe and Metallic Aura are very similar, but Aura is slightly lighter.


The Poet section is made up of vibrant wine tones. Although more “colorful”, don’t be intimidated by these shades. They are very easy to work with and incorporate into your look. Glitter Poet just happens to be my favorite shade in the whole palette!

For this look, I applied Matte Aura all over my lid, up to my brow bone. Then I took Matte Soothe and swept it into the crease as the transition shade. Next, I took Matte Ritual and lightly applied it in the outer corner and a little into the crease to deepen. I then grabbed a little bit of Matte Poet and tapped it into the very outer corner, along with a teensy bit of Matte Memory.

Next, I took a finger-full of Glitter Poet and applied it all over my lid, up to just under my crease. Now, you WILL have some fallout with the Glitter shades. This is unavoidable, especially since these are particularly chunky and impactful. On top of Glitter Poet, I tapped a small amount of Metallic Aura, just to lighten it up a bit, then went back over it with more Glitter Poet to blend.

I finished my lower lash line with a mix of Matte Poet and Matte Ritual, heavily tapping off the excess. For the inner corner and browbone, I used Metallic Aura.

These shadows are so stunning! You can go anywhere from an everyday look to a full, dramatic smokey eye. I highly recommend picking up this palette at Tati Beauty‘s website. For $48, you get 24 beautiful, versatile shades that suite almost any skin tone. Check out the palette and let me know what you think!

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