Static Nails: A Review

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I first saw an ad for Static Nails on Facebook, and thought to myself, “Wow. I though press-on nails were in the awkward high-school-no-money-for-a-real-manicure past.” I’ve tried press-on nails before: that I purchased from Walmart next to the $1 nail polish. Static Nails claim to be different because they are reusable, and come in many shapes, sizes, and colors, and they offer a non-damaging, long lasting nail glue. I was skeptical. Nevertheless, it was late, I was up for the fourth time nursing my sleep-regressing 3 month old, and I had nothing to lose.

Historically, my nail game is not strong. I can count on one unpolished hand the number of times I have gone to the nail salon and had a manicure. 100% of those times were due to some degree of coercion. I just have never had the desire to go sit in a chair and let some stranger touch all over my hands, rip up my sensitive cuticles, and try to communicate to me in broken English with me not comprehending a word they say because I can’t understand anything but Southern United States dialect.

In my sleep-deprived state, I thought I deserved to finally have pretty hands. I may be a mom, and I may wear nitrile gloves all day at work, but if there is one thing that could make me feel a little better about myself, it would be having nice nails. So, I entered the Static Nails website through the Facebook ad, and purchased a nice, safe looking lavender-colored set called “Willow Round” for $14.

When I opened my package, which came in four days, I was excited about my new adventure. The box was pretty and professional looking. The nails were displayed neatly on the inside and outside, and it came with Static Nails special glue and a 2-sided nail file. It also came with 24 nails, so 12 different sizes. These are the sizes I chose:

Next, it says for best results, clean nails with nail polish remover to get rid of any oils on the nail surface, which I did. I also went ahead and trimmed my nails down to a uniform short length, and pushed back my cuticles slightly. Here are my nails pre-Staticified.

They’re pretty rough, aren’t they?

Next, I read the directions; something I highly recommend for just about any new venture. Basically, the directions say the more glue you use, the longer the nails will last. It says to apply a thin line of glue to your natural nail from base to tip for 1-2 days of wear, a pea-sized dot spread around for 5-7 days, and a pea-sized dot spread around PLUS a little extra on the Static nail for 7-18(wow) days of wear. I wanted to really test these out, so I applied 7-18 days worth of glue to my nails and the Static nails, applied, and pressed down on each for 25 seconds.

Here is the finished product:

Compared to my natural nails, these nails appear a little big for my hands, even though I used the smallest sizes. I also got glue all over my fingers and on most of the Static nails on my right hand, due to me applying them with my non-dominant hand that already had a full set on.


That evening I was looking at them closer, and noticed the nails didn’t quite cover my natural nails towards the tips.

That and the extra glue mess aside, they looked pretty good, and I was ready to set out for 7-18 days!

So how did they last? Well on my lunch/pump break at work two days later, one popped off. Unable to stand the sensation of missing one nail, I decided to remove the rest of them. Fortunately and unfortunately, they came off pretty easily. I stuffed them in my lunch bag and went about the rest of my day feeling very naked on my fingertips, as I had just gotten used to the feeling of them.

I decided I probably used too much glue, especially considering I got it all over the place during application. So, I sent Static Nails a message asking if that could have been the case. They messaged me back saying yes, that’s probably what happened, here’s the directions again that you should have followed in the first place.

I set out to try again. The nails are reusable, so I applied mostly the ones I used before, but traded out some of the very badly glue-covered ones for different sizes. This time I tried the 5-7 day method of using a pea-sized amount of glue on the Static nail and spreading it around. I didn’t put any glue on my natural nails. This time around, the nails lasted about one day, with the first one popping off as I was changing my son’s diaper. Disappointed, I removed them all and aren’t currently interested in trying them again.

Basically, I was in love with the idea of long-lasting, non-damaging, press on nails. Since I don’t have time to paint my nails or get a manicure, I thought they would be the perfect solution to my ugly hand woes. Unfortunately, they just didn’t work for me. I have seen many positive reviews about these nails, so I wonder if any of my lifestyle factors affected their wear. I wear gloves all day, could the moisture from my hands being inside a glove break down the glue faster? I wash my hands often and use a lot of hand sanitizer. Could that have affected it? Either way, I’m a little discouraged and currently don’t consider press on nails in general to be the solution for me. I am unable to change the fact that I wear gloves and wash my hands all day, so for now I will have to wait for a new miracle product, or just go through life with pitiful, naked mom hands. At least I am easily able to play with and hold my baby boy!

If you’re interested in trying Static Nails, here’s a link to purchase them on Amazon. If you do try them, please let me know what you think of them! Comment below, and don’t forget to follow me on Instagram!

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